Visit of Managing Director AWES

It was indeed a magnum occasion on 8th April, 2017 when Maj Gen Sunil Chandra, VSM (Retd) MD, AWES visited the elaborate premises of APS Mathura Cantt. Sir was explained the comprehensive layout of the building. Thereafter the Principal elaborated upon the school through a presentation. Furthermore Sir visited the campus stating his mission and vision for the institution. Her experience and wisdom were evidently reflected in his charismatic persona. The institution felt honored and privileged by his presence.   MD 1

Poster making competition Topic – Cleanliness & Road safety

  • Cleanliness is a good habit which everyone should have to have healthy life and standard lifestyle. It makes us healthy in every aspect like mental, physical, social and intellectual.
  • Cleanliness helps in making good personality and impression in the society as it reflects a clean character
  • Cleanliness therefore is next to godliness means keeping our body, mind and everything around us clean.
  • In today’s world road and transport have became an integral part of every human being. The present transport system has minimized the distances but it has increased the life risk. Every year road crashes result in loss of lakhs of lives due to carelessness or due to lack of road safety awareness of the road user.
  • Poster making competition was organized in APS Junior Wing Mathura Cantt to make a students aware about importance of cleanliness in our daily life and road safety rules, in which all the students and teachers of class 1, 2 & 3 participated with great enthusiasm.


Mrs. Seema


Junior Wing


Workshop on ‘ JAGRUK BETI’

A workshop on health awareness for girls in adolescent age group ‘Jagruk Beti’ was conducted by Dr. Annu Goyal at A.P.S. Mathura Cantt on May1, 2017.

The resource person started with the importance and need of personal hygiene for teenage girls. She also elaborated upon the common problems faced by girls during menstruation period and the ways to lead a healthy life.

She also satisfied the queries and doubts of the girls regarding the same. The workshop was attended by 400 girls in the first session and 375 girls in the second session respectively.

The workshop was thus very fruitful and informative for the girls.

AWES Day Celebration

AWES has been the epitome of discipline, cultural brilliance and class education since time memorial. AWES day marked the beginning of new hopes, ideas and aspirations for the children of defense personnel. APS Mathura celebrated the AWES Day with pomp and glory. We conducted a special assembly on the occasion of AWES Day i.e 29th April. Our school choir presented the iconic AWES song and the school song. A brief  history of AWES Day was also elaborated upon so that they connect to the past and relish the glorious history. Since last year APS Mathura has also been celebrating AWES Day as ‘Award Day’. In this special event, overall toppers from all classes are given special recognition to honor their hardwork. CCA Awards are also given to honor the creativity. The program concluded with an inspirational quote, ‘Every journey starts with a single step’, and we feel that the journey of  AWES has just begun and it’s a long way to go because success is a journey not a destination.

Inter House Football Competition

Competitive Sport develops a range of life skills which can support young people as they progress through school and step into adult life. Everything from the benefits of teamwork, resilience and leadership skills, to the respect and humility in handling success or disappointment is nurtured through sports. This is exactly what we are looking to achieve by conducting Inter House Sports Competitions in APS Mathura Cantt. We conducted the Football Competition in this trail on 28th and 29th April 2017. The semi final was between Rani Laxmibai v\s Hoshiyar House and Arun v\s Sarojini Naidu House. Furthermore Rani Laxmibai and Arun House contested for the finals wherein Arun House secured the FIRST position, Rani Laxmibai House bagged the SECOND position, Sarojini Naidu House was at the THIRD position and Hoshiyar House stood FOURTH. Such competitions enhance the over all personality of a student.

Career Counseling Program and Aptitude Test by FUEL

Scholarships help students to realize their potential. Many great personalities have taken this resource to fund their education and become the leader who helped society to transform into a better one. FUEL (FRIENDS UNION FOR ENERGISING LIVES) is such organization which enables students to excel in life according to their latent capabilities and later provides them scholarships based on their merit. It conducted an Aptitude Test for all the students of APS Mathura Cantt. from Classes IX to XII from 24th April to 28th April 2017. Thereafter their interests were catered to by a group of counselors suggesting them their strengths and areas of interest. They also suggested as to what stream they should opt for as per their potential and caliber. It was a fruitful and extremely helpful program for the students suggested by MD, AWES. We further look forward to many more such sessions.