It was a red letter day in the history of India when the country got her freedom on 15 Aug ,1947. It took hundreds of years for us to break shackles of slavery . People of the country celebrate this national event every year .Each and every member of APS Mathura also celebrated its 72nd independence day with patriotic fervour . The celebration was commenced with flag hoisting followed by patriotic song , elocution and a beautiful dancing visual presented by the children . This occasion was graced by the Chairman of the school , Brig. S.Ramanatham. He blessed the students with his motivational words .

Also on this special occasion, a few teachers of our school were awarded for demonstrating excellence in their respective areas. Although all teachers of our school have been very committed and dedicated towards the cause of education but a few of them moved an extra mile for the all round development of the school.22 teachers from various departments of our school have been awarded for the outstanding teacher award . It was a memorable day for all of us.

The principal also facilitated the students with her valuable words and  reminded them the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters.Then Deborah Faith Samuel of class XI-A proposed the vote of thanks and the program ended with tree plantation and the sweet distribution to the children.

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