The NCC mainly aims to develop the character and personality of the youth and transform them into responsible citizens. NCC Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday in the month of November.

Keeping this in view, APS Mathura observed NCC day on 22nd November,2019 wherein a lot of activities were carried out by NCC students to stress the significance of NCC as an organization in empowering the youth of our country. On this day, all the NCC students took part in demonstrating the benevolence of the great men (who struggle day and night for the well being of the country  ) by various performances. Beautiful dances, skit and songs were dedicated to them. It was followed by a quiz and an informative and inspirational speech which enlightened the minds of NCC cadets about the significance of the service organization and its moto-unity and discipline.

Overall the entire event had received an appreciation and the NCC unit of the school has been able to highlight the relevance and significance of NCC  in shaping the lives of the young generation.

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