ACTIVITY ON FORMS OF ENERGY

A group activity on “DIFFERENT FORMS OF ENERGY” was conducted by students of Class V G . The class was divided into four groups. Group I represented HEAT ENERGY , Group II represented SOLAR ENERGY,Group III represented ELECTRICAL ENERGY and Group IV represented WIND ENERGY.Students enjoyed and learned a lot from this activity. It improved their speaking skills.





A recitation in a general sense is the act of reciting from memory or a formal reading of a verse before the audience. An activity on Poem Recitation was conducted for the students of Class-V. The class was divided into four groups. Three participants from each group recited their self composed poems. Performance of each group was very good. The best speaker was Addya of Class V-A. This activity helped in developing  self expression and speaking skills among children. The audience enjoyed the melody and the rhythm of the poems.



An integrated activity ‘Masterchef’ was conducted for  the students of Class V. This activity catered to all the aspects of the food we eat. It was an integrated activity and was related to all subjects like Science, Maths, Social Science, Art, Hindi and English. The class was divided into four groups .Each group prepared a dish of their choice and group leaders explained its relation with other subjects.

This activity was fruitful for the children as it helped  in their overall development, inculcated  social values, encouraged teamwork and developed a sense of responsibility and creativity in them.