“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit  has ceased. ”

To assess the mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students, Maths Quiz was conducted by Dr.  Vinita Mishra in class X B.

Total  35 students participated in this Quiz. The students were divided into 4 teams, Team-A, Team-B, Team-C and Team-D. There was a set of 15 questions wherein students answered enthusiastically. Team-A stood first while the second, third and fourth positions were bagged by Team-B, Team-D and Team-C. It was fruitful and informative for the students.


It is an effective technique to animate the teaching and learning atmosphere,arouse the acquisition impressive.

Role Play for children is essentially learning through play. A Role Play Activity for class X was conducted in English period wherein the students enacted the role of different characters in the play ‘The Dear Departed’. This activity enhanced the communication skills of the students and boosted their morale.DSC_0104DSC_0105DSC_0106DSC_0108