It was on 23rd July, 1984 that APS MATHURA started its journey. The raising Day of APS Mathura was celebrated with great spirit and fervour.

A special assembly was conducted to mark the significance of the day. The assembly commenced with a talk by the Head Boy of the school wherein he threw light on the foundation of the school, its history and initiatives taken by it in imparting education upto class XII. It was followed by Army School song sung by the choir. Further an astounding dance performance by the Primary children touched each and every heart. The program ended with the National Anthem.



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.”

It was on 4th August,2018 that deserving young talents of our school were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their school with confidence and competence. The investiture Ceremony set the student council ablaze  for the academic session 2018-19. The school cabinet was formed through votes cast by the students and teachers. The event  was presided over by the Principal wherein she honored RIYA DUSAD and SAHIL RATHORE of XII SCIENCE with the badges of the HEAD GIRL and HEAD BOY respectively. Further the other elected leaders  were conferred with the badges by their respective incharges. This year the student council has been extended so the class prefects have also been appointed. They were also pinned the badges by their respective class teachers. Thereafter the student council including all the class prefects took the pledge to hold the school motto of loyalty, truth and honour in high esteem.Further the Principal congratulated the newly elected student council and concluded with a word of advice that they ought to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties.




Music is one element creating fellow-feeling. The Military Band performs musical duties for military functions, usually for the armed forces. It plays an important role in instilling a sense of pride and motivating soldiers to accomplish deeds of excellence.

On 3rd August, 2018 APS Mathura was pleased to host the ‘sikhlai pipe band’ from Fatehgarh (U.P.) which enthralled the audience. The leader of the band was L. Lantah from Manipur. The students were captured to see the band display and drum call. The Principal’s invitation to invite the band to school enabled the students and teachers see the amalgamation of inspiring courage and valour with martial music.

We salute these brave hearts…. JAI HIND!

English Recitation Competition

“Poem Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the talent of young ones.”

Rhymes can prove to be instrumental stepping stones for young children to learn English.

English Recitation Competition was organized on 7th July for classes 1 to 3. Participants came prepared with different rhymes of their choice with different themes.

Poster Making Competition

Topic – Cleanliness

Venue – Army Public School (Junior Wing)

  • Cleanliness is a good habit which everyone should have to live healthy life and standard lifestyle. It makes us healthy in every aspect like mental, physical, social and intellectual. It helps in making good personality and impression in the society as it reflects a clean character.

“Cleanliness therefore is next to godliness” means keeping our body, mind and everything around us clean.

  • Special assembly on cleanliness was conducted by the kids of class III.
  • Poster making competition was organized in APS Junior Wing Mathura Cantt to make a student’s aware about importance of cleanliness in our daily life in which all the students and teachers of class 1, 2 & 3 participated with great enthusiasm.


“The ballot is stronger than bullet”.


Elections for the student council for the academic year 2018-19 was held on 13th July,2018 under the supervision of Electoral Incharge and Electoral Members. It was done in a democratic way. The teachers as well students were equally enthusiastic about the event. The students were asked to nominate themselves for the post of HEAD BOY, HEAD GIRL,VICE HEAD BOY AND VICE HEAD GIRL. For taking part in the elections the students were informed a few days prior to the final day of voting. It was a sight to behold when the nominees were moving in the campus holding colorful banners and posters to convince the students to cast their votes to them. Also they got an opportunity in the morning assembly to introduce themselves and ask for the votes. Finally the day came when the students had to elect their representatives. The decision was tough but it had to be done wisely. All the voters excitedly cast their votes in the favour of their chosen representative. The votes were put properly in the ballot boxes. Students as well as the teachers cast the votes. After the voting was over, the process of counting began and it created an environment of curiosity all around. The most awaited moment had finally come when the result of the elections was announced. On 16th July,2018 it was declared that Sahil Rathore and Riya Dusad of XII SCIENCE were selected for the post of HEAD BOY and HEAD GIRL respectively and Anjali Kumari and Keshav Shukla of XI-SCIENCE were selected for the post of VICE HEAD GIRL and VICE HEAD BOY.All the winners were then congratulated by the entire APS Mathura Fraternity.

Essay Writing Competition

Essays help students to develop critical thinking, analysis and writing skills. Keeping this view,  an inter house English essay writing competition was held in the school on 7th July, 2018 for the students from Classes VI to XII.

There were eight participants from each house in the junior and senior category. In the Junior category, the students of classes VI-VIII were asked to write an essay on the topic ‘SPACE ADVENTURE’ and the topic for the Senior category i.e. from classes IX-XII was ‘FUTURE IS JUST A CLICK AWAY’.

The performance of students was judged on the basis of the students’ vocabulary, presentation and creativity. The purpose of the competition was to encourage the students to enhance their thinking and writing skills. The essays were very well written by all the participants and the result of the competition is awaited.





An inter-house English Poem Recitation competition for the children of class IV and V was conducted on 7th July, 2018.Total 12 students participated in this competition i.e. 3 from each house respectively. The competition was judged by the Primary Coordinator and three Primary teachers. The participants displayed their art of recitation beautifully and their performance was praised by the judges. This competition enhanced the speaking skill of the students.

The result of the competition is as follows:




The inter-house Badminton Tournament was held on 7th July,2018 in APS Mathura. It was conducted for the students of classes IX-XII. Girls and Boys from all the houses took part in the competition with high sportsman spirit. Total 48 participants were there, 3 girls and 3 boys from each house. The audience witnessed the match and cheered the players. All the players have have played with zeal.The winners in Girls as well as boys category was HOSHIYAR HOUSE.


The official Foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of Badminton Court in APS Mathura took place on 5th July, 2018.The stone was laid in the presence of the Chairman of the school, Brig. S Ramanathan, the Principal, the coordinators, the Sports Faculty and the Badminton Team of our school. It was a very modest gesture of our Chairman to ask the youngest group of Badminton Players who were from Class- V to perform the ceremony. The laying of the foundation stone marks the start of the construction work, we believe that it will not be only unique in terms of architecture and splendor but also help the Badminton team of our school to grow.


It is a matter of great pride for APS Mathura that Eashta of class V-A has brought laurels to the school  by winning GOLD MEDAL in BREAST STROKE , SILVER MEDAL in RELAY RACE and BRONZE MEDAL in FREE STYLE SWIMMING at SWIMMING MEET CLUB-26 NOIDA. The Principal, APS Mathura also felt honored to praise Eashta’s achievements in the morning assembly and gave her the medals she had won. Afterthat, the Principal addressed the students and motivated them to strive hard to enlighten the spirit to reach greater heights. The school is proud of our young star ‘EASHTA’.


Teacher professional development aims at improving student learning and achievement. Keeping this view, the following workshops were conducted for the teachers from 25th June to 30th June,2018 in APS, Mathura:


‘Health is like MONEY, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.’

  • It was first conducted by Mr. Dev Prakash on 25th June,2018. For keeping the body fit and healthy, he suggested the following points:

(i)One must take care of six components of health i.e. Physical, Social, Cognitive, Emotional, Cultural and Spiritual.

(ii) One must include an Exercise and balanced diet in routine.

(iii) One must leave addictions like alcohol, smoking etc.

  • On 26th June, 2018 Mr. Alok Sharma started his presentation by explaining the actual meaning of ‘HEALTH’ and continued with a suggestion to include YOGA in our daily routine. He said that the origin of fitness begins at Mother’s Womb and gave a demo of some useful AASANS/ YOGA POSTURES.
  • On  27th June, 2018 Mr. Yogendra Poonia gave suggestions to keep the body fit and also familiarized us with some formulas to calculate/check Body’s fitness which includes Body Mass Index, fat percentage and pulse rate etc.


  • Truly any exercise help us to lose weight. Keeping this view, Ms. Gunjan Dixit also spoke about fitness. She conducted a workshop on 28th June,2018 and told that the best way to burn calories is to follow aerobic and anaerobic exercise. She also gave a demo and called the teachers to join her in this practice. She taught us the combination of both Aerobic and Anaerobic and how to follow it in a right way.
  • On 29th June,2018 Ms. Tuhina Bharadwaj started her presentation with a very true and apt quote i.e. ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. For keeping the body fit and healthy, she insisted on doing each and every task on own and not to feel lethargic. She also talked about some food items which have rich nutritional value and suggested them to include in our routine diet.

School helps in promoting health and oral health for students which benefit the staff, family and community indirectly. Since school children are more prone to dental caries and gingival disease. keeping this view, a workshop on ‘ORAL HEALTH AND HYGIENE ‘was conducted by Maj. Dr. Anu Dua who told us the causes of tooth decay, gum problems and its prevention. The dentist assured us that by visiting the local dentist once every six months, we would learn things that could prove vital for

their well being.

She recommended the following steps to maintain good oral hygiene:

1.To brush teeth twice a day using the correct technique.

  1. To replace toothbrush every three to four months, if the bristles are frayed.
  2. To practice a regular oral health care routine.

We were fascinated to learn about all the possibilities that a dentist could repair a fractured tooth, provide people with teeth made of gold and silver, remove gaps between the teeth and align irregular teeth using braces.

The session was well informed and fruitful for the teachers to educate children about the importance of oral hygiene.


On 26th June, 2018 Ms. Sonika Jain, Primary Teacher conducted a workshop on another important topic ‘INCLUSIVE EDUCATION’ .The focus of the workshop was the inclusion of children with special needs in the classroom with the other children. She said that one of the most important steps towards inclusion is sensitization of teachers, the peer group and parents. She discussed the strategies to assist teachers in meeting the needs of students in an inclusive classroom as well CBSE’s provisions for these children.

As a famous quote goes, “One size does not fit all.” In the same way, there is nothing right or wrong in inclusion. Nothing is certain what works for one may or may not work for another. We need to follow it for each child.



We all are aware that children find Maths as the most difficult subject so it becomes the responsibility of the concerned teacher to make them understand it in easy way. Keeping this view, Dr. Mridula Sharma, HOD Maths conducted a workshop on the topic ‘Strategy to improve Mathematics especially in Board classes.’ She started her presentation with an interesting game and rewarded the winners with choclates. She talked about teaching and learning gaps and strategies to fulfill that. She focused on clearing the concepts of the child to make him understand the topic well. She was accompanied by her faculty members Dr. Vinita Mishra and Mr. M.G. Saraswat who ended the workshop by enriching our knowledge with a fact that why the highest award of education i.e. Noble Prize is not given in the field of Maths and also informed us the importance of Maths in our daily lives and the value of Zero.


As children spend lot of time in school, so, a safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. School safety includes protection and care from all kinds of abuse, violence, psycho-social issues etc.

In pursuit of advocacy, Maj.  Kusum ‘A JAG’ educated the teachers about POCSO act. She continued with throwing light on the details of POCSO and protection of children against all kinds of abuse.She spoke about how the safety of children needs to be in center stage as part of the school’s culture and the need for every school to create a process to deal with these situations wisely. She also apprised the audience about the legalities involved once the disclosure takes place and the role of parents and school in such cases.


Mrs. Mamta Sharma, Hindi faculty conducted a workshop on 28th June, 2018.The main topics that were highlighted by her included the aim of education, methodology of language teaching, teaching of prose and verse and teaching of grammar. Different activities were conducted to involve the teachers. She also discussed the ways to integrate the subject with real life situations. In this workshop teachers learnt the ways to make the teaching learning process more effective.


A workshop on another important topic ‘GROWING SCEPTICISM AMONG OUR STUDENTS’ was taken by Mrs. Rekha Gupta, HOD English on 30th June, 2018.She started her presentation by asking a few questions to the teachers to introduce the topic. She continued with the explanation of skepticism, its domains, causes, components of personality development and how it affects the children. Lastly she suggested the ways to overcome this problem. This workshop was really informative and helpful for teachers to help their students in this state.