MATHS QUIZ 

An informative Maths Quiz was conducted by Mr. Yogesh Parashar in class IX-B on August 7, 2018. A group of 40 students participated in this Quiz. The students were divided into 4 teams i.e. Team-A, Team-B, Team-C and Team-D respectively according to their roll numbers.

There was a set of 20 questions for each team. Team-B stood first while the second position was bagged by Team-D.Team-A and C secured third and fourth positions respectively.

It was thus fruitful and informative for the students.Students participated in this Quiz enthusiastically and got an opportunity to know about their interest and aptitude in various areas of Mathematics.DSC_0049DSC_0048DSC_0046





An interesting activity ‘ Just a Minute’ was conducted in class IX-A by Mr. Aditya  Kumar Sharma on 3rd and 4th August,2018.Forty students participated in this activity. The topics allotted  to the students were related to various social issues and current affairs e.g. Education, Clean India Campaign, Digital India, Importance of games and sports for students, Problem of brain drain etc.

This activity helped in enhancing students’ speaking skills and taught them moral values conveyed through various topics presented by them.

It was thus a very exciting and fruitful activity for the students as they got an opportunity to express themselves in front of their classmates. The students were very happy and enthusiastic to participate in ‘ Just a Minute’.