Class VII

Hindi Speech Activity….






To make students’ communication better, a Hindi Speech Activity was organised by Mrs Usha on January 28, 2019. Topics were given to the students and they were expected to summarize their thoughts within a given time duration. Students were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the activity very much.


Colours are My Power….

by…..Muskan VII G


Brain Mapping Activity….






Generally, students consider Social Studies as a monotonous subject where they have to mug up so many battles, policies, characters etc. But to be an iconoclast and to keep the fun alive, Ms Arushi Rajput organised a Brain Mapping Activity for class VII on
January 18, 2019.
Small groups of four students were formed to conduct it smoothly. The teacher wrote some words on the black board and students were expected to reflect over them by writing some related words or sentences.
This was a learn plus fun activity.

Drawing Time……

by–Harsh Dubey VII D


What is Life….

Something we live….
But just to live is not life….

Life has emotions, both happy and sad,
But just an emotion is not life.

Success and failure, are the way of life,
But just a success is not a life….

Then what is Life?
Life is to live, to take and give,
When you make one happy, that is life.

Kajal Kumari

Going to School…..

Maths is a terror,
G.K. is better.

English is so easy,
While Hindi makes us crazy.

Science is interesting,
But S.St is frustrating.

Library is a bit bore,
While games make us want more.

Going to school is exciting,
But coming home is relaxing.

Shubham Yadav


Fun in the Great Outdoors….





“Nothing is better than a picnic.” To cherish this notion of Zooey Deschanel, APS Mathura Cantt organised a fun Picnic for the students of class VII to Raman Reti on January 16, 2019. It was an idyllic and spectacular picnic for them.They witnessed the pastoral atmosphere, played many fun games and enjoyed different slides and swings. There were refreshments to relieve the fatigue and the meals were relished by all.
This was indeed a refreshing break for the students as well as for the teachers.




It helps you when you are tired,
It gives you all what you desire.
It gives you a valuable treasure,
It gives you a great pleasure.

My dear friend it is meditation,
Which gives you perfection.
Which takes away your tension,
Which helps your life’s extension.

Do meditation to get some peace,
In the company of gentle breeze.
With the mat at the bottom,
With the design of trees in Autumn.



A Skit Performance……




Skit Performance does not only strengthen one’s confidence to face the audience but also helps in
developing awareness about our surroundings and the daily happenings.
To cherish this notion a
skit was performed by the students of class VII G.The skit was based on an interesting and amusing story of their main taxt book ‘Honey Comb ‘ named ‘Gopal And The Hilsa Fish. It was performed very nicely and lively under the guidance of the teacher.

Fun With Colours……

by…. Sangeeta VII G


Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings…’






To cherish this notion of William Wordsworth, a Poetry Recitation Competition ( Hindi) was organized on 18th August, 2018 for class VII. Children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. They recited the melodious verses with perfect rhyme, rhythm and voice modulation. They were judged by Miss Archana and left no stones unturned to win the competition. Finally, Jyoti Kumari, Yogita and Tanishka Chaudhry secured first, second and third position respectively.